Gifts For the Decor Snob

Call them design snobs or just discerning, these people with intimidatingly good taste don’t take kindly to the random thingamajig you’ve tossed into their cart. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for people with the Decor Snob trait—from Phaidon books to soft cashmere throws.

White walls aren’t just for modern interiors anymore. The trick to successfully decorating with white is to be more curated and selective about the shapes you choose for your furniture. Boxy and linear pieces will stand out against white walls, whereas softer curves will blend in seamlessly.

Toronto based interiors boutique Snob’s Decor Snob: online interior design and home decorating owner Denise Zidel sources premium authentic pieces for her collection during her global travels. From bulbous Egyptian lighting to make a statement against made-to-order ostrich-skin furniture, to vintage Makenge baskets and Senufo stools that are one of a kind, the Toronto store is full of decor to covet. Whether you’re looking to add something sculptural to your space or simply want to add a hint of ethnic beauty, these one-of-a-kind decor pieces will do the trick. Plus they’re easy to ship!

Mixing Textures and Patterns: Decor Snob Style
Discover the secrets of mixing textures and patterns with Decor Snob. Elevate your decor with a harmonious blend that adds depth and character to every room.

Sustainable Decor Choices by Decor Snob
Explore eco-friendly options for a sustainable home with Decor Snob. Uncover choices that marry style and environmental consciousness seamlessly.

Online Interior Design for Small Spaces
Maximize the potential of compact spaces with Decor Snob’s expertise. Learn how thoughtful design choices can transform even the smallest areas into stylish havens.

Integrating Smart Home Technology: Decor Snob Tips
Step into the future of home decor with Decor Snob’s insights on integrating smart home technology. Enhance convenience and style with the latest innovations.

Decorating on a Budget: Decor Snob Hacks
Unlock budget-friendly decor solutions with Decor Snob’s ingenious hacks. Elevate your space without breaking the bank, proving that luxury is accessible to all.

Online Interior Design for Different Personalities
Explore how Decor Snob caters to diverse personalities. From bold and vibrant to calm and serene, find the perfect decor style that resonates with you.

Creating Zen Spaces: Decor Snob’s Serenity Guide
Escape the hustle and bustle with Decor Snob’s guide to creating Zen spaces. Discover tranquility through mindful decor choices that promote peace and harmony.

Incorporating Art: Decor Snob’s Gallery Approach
Learn how to turn your home into a gallery with Decor Snob’s artful approach. Showcase your personality through carefully curated art pieces that tell your unique story.

Choosing an Asbestos Surveyor Near Me

Asbestos is a group of microscopic fibrous minerals that, when inhaled, can cause serious and life-threatening illnesses. Because of this, asbestos surveys and testing are a vital part of any renovation or demolition project. A qualified asbestos surveyor is a professional who specialises in identifying and assessing the presence of asbestos in building materials. They can also provide guidance on the safest way to remove or contain any asbestos that is found at a property.

The need for an asbestos removal companies near me survey often arises when a property is due for sale or refurbishment work is taking place. However, it is also necessary for any private homebuyer who wants to be sure their new property is free from asbestos and that they can safely live there. A qualified and experienced asbestos surveyor can conduct a comprehensive asbestos inspection and produce a detailed report to help the property buyer make an informed decision about buying the property.

Choosing an asbestos surveyor near me is crucial to ensure the job is carried out properly and safely. An accredited asbestos specialist will use the latest technology to test for asbestos in building materials and ensure that any samples taken are accurate. They will also have access to the most up-to-date health and safety information so that they can carry out their work in accordance with all relevant legislation and industry standards.

There are various different types of asbestos survey available, depending on the type of property and its potential hazards. A management survey will usually be the least intrusive, and will involve sampling only suspect asbestos materials. A re-occupation survey is more detailed, and will require the property to be vacated so that extensive samples can be taken. A pre-demolition asbestos survey is the most intrusive, and will involve destructive inspection and disturbance in order to inspect all areas of the property for asbestos.

The time it takes for the surveyor to carry out on-site tests and get the results back from the lab varies between companies, but generally speaking it can take up to two or three weeks for standard laboratory analysis. Many companies offer a premium service that can get the results back to clients in a shorter period of time, but this comes at an additional cost.

Once the surveyor has been given permission to carry out the work, they will need to return to the property after any works have been completed to see if all the asbestos has been removed effectively. An asbestos post-removal inspection will also be needed to verify that the site is safe for reoccupation. The results of the inspection will be provided to the client in a full report, including recommendations on how to manage any asbestos found at the property going forward.